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Master Data Base Raw Data Processed SEM Data Net Injection of ISGS - BBMB Net Drawal of States Schedule Vs Actual Schedule  Vs Actual Trends Exception Report Discrepancies Report

Master Data Base

          The file "Master.dat" contains location code, meter serial number, CT ratio, CVT ratio and location description for all the Special Energy Meters (SEMs) installed in the Northern Region.

Raw Data

           The file "NR-Raw.npc" contains raw data as received from the field for all SEMs in Northern Region.

Processed SEM Data

          Processed SEM data is in the form of datewise folders containing the files for different meters detailing the transaction of daily total MWh, high voltage MVARh, low voltage MVARh and each 15 minute time block MWH.

Net Injection of ISGS & BBMB

          These are seperate folders for BBMB, Inter Regional Exchange, NHPC, NTPC, NPC & shared projects containing the datewise files detailing each ISGS/BBMB stations'   net injection in MWh for each 15 minutes time block along with the frequency codes during the block.

Net Drawal of States   

          These have statewise folders indicating 15-minute MWh drawals at each inter-utility exchange point as well as the summated drawals of all these points as recorded by the SEMs.  Wherever required, suitable multiplication factors have been applied either due to losses on account of wheeling or where standby meters have been used.  Details of these would be available in the Discrepancies Report for the week and SEM Data Computations under Commercial link from the NRLDC Home Page.

Schedule Vs Actuals

           These are datewise files containing the comparision of schedules as implemented with all before-the-fact revisions vis-a-vis net injection of all ISGS/BBMB stations and net drawal of all state utilities as calculated from SEM data for each 15 minute time block along with frequency code.The power flow on some small radial feeders at 66 KV and below voltage levels have been included with effect from 10th February 2003. A folder for transmission loss computations for the week as well as assumptions for small feeders at   66 KV and below is also included for information with effect from 10th February 2003.

Schedule Vs Actuals Trends

      These       are separate folders for each ISGS/BBMB station and state utility clubbed according to organisation containing the datewise files having graphical representation of daily schedule, actual injection/drawal and telemetered frequency.The power flow on some small radial feeders at 66 KV and below voltage levels have been included with effect from 10th February 2003.

Exception Report

           The file "Exception Report.doc" indicates the tripping/transmission constraints affecting the ISGS generation.

Discrepancy Report

           The file "Discrepancies.doc" gives the details of missing SEM data and observations on the SEM data received at NRLDC.

Reactive Energy Exchanges

           This contains 60 files for Inter-Utility reactive power exchanges for the week.  The help file "Reactive_Index" explains the various file types for reactive energy exchanges.  The file nomenclature adopted is ddmmyy.FileType.


1. Frequency codes from "00" to "99" are for frequency range of 49.00 to 51.00 Hz ("00"  for frequency <= 49.00 Hz and "99" for frequency >= 51.00 Hz).

2. Post facto revision of schedules on account of nuclear power stations, BBMB generation, shared projects, inter-regional exchanges with ER has not been done and the same forms part of the account issued by NREB Secretariat. Likewise, the provisions of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission's (CERC) orders on Availability Based Tariff have also not been incorporated & the same forms part of the UI account issued by NREB Secretariat.

3. The information above is purely for operational purposes & is intended to act as a guide to the power system operators in the Northern Region. NRLDC is not responsible for any commercial use of above data made by any utility. The weekly UI accounts and the monthly Regional Energy Accounts issued by NREB Secretariat is the ultimate reference for all inter-utility payments in line with the orders of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

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